I'm a California native who grew up in a musical household. Nevertheless, it wasn't until fairly recently that I began to write songs and put them in musical theater shows and sing them at church services.  I am married, have three adult children, and live in Iowa where I work in academia (biology). 

My first songs got incorporated into my first musical, set in the 70s ("1972 the Musical") which was followed by 5 more shows set every 11 years, spanning the years 1961-2016, following the lives, loves, and beliefs of a family in suburban America.

My first album "In My Heart" was recorded by studio singers and musicians at Underground Treehouse Studio, Nashville.  Songs include pop and country genres, all having to do with relationships.  

I am working on a second and third album simultaneously, one entitled "Anthem," with big meaningful songs, some political and some religious.  The other album is entitled "Retro" with songs written in styles from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.  Be sure to check out my recordings and videos.  Blessed be!

Clark Ford

Clark Ford